07:00; 09:30; 11:30; 18:00
07:00; 10:00; 18:00
Dzień powszedni:
07:00; 18:00

Sakrament pojednania


podczas każdej Mszy Świętej

Dzień powszedni:

15 minut przed każdą Mszą Świętą


Dzień powszedni:
8,00 – 9,00 i 17,00 – 17,45.
Sobota i niedziela:

Archidiecezja Białostocka

Archidiecezja Białostocka

Ks. Rafał

pobrany plik

29.09.2015 (wtorek) 18.00 – Msza św. z kazaniem, 18.40 – prezentacja wierszy św. Teresy od Dzieciątka Jezus (młodzież i kandydaci do przyjęcia Sakramentu Bierzmowania)

30.09.2015 (środa) 18.00 – Nowenna do M.B. Nieustającej Pomocy, 18.15 – przedstawienie przygotowane przez dzieci, 18.20 – Msza Św. z kazaniem (dzieci)

01.10.2015 (czwartek) 17.30 Różaniec Św. prowadzony przez Siostry Terezjanki, 18.00 – Msza Św. z kazaniem. 18.40 – możliwość indywidualnej adoracji relikwii św. Teresy poprzez ucałowanie. W tym dniu, za uczestnictwo w całym wieczornym nabożeństwie można uzyskać odpust zupełny

Harding, J. Alford, V. Ellis, B. Some agreed with Murphy’s stance on common sense gun control legislation in the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre. Some.”We are here today to say enough,” Booker said shortly after Murphy began. „I’ve cleared my entire day.

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First, the disclaimer: Obviously these retro threads are superior than anything produced in the obvious money grabs since the departure of Don Shula. But. But. For how many day games in the Orange Bowl did the Dolphins wear their aqua jerseys during their heyday? Zero. I don’t know if this was the result of some ridiculous, arcane NFL edict or just a case of the Dolphins being tight fisted and recycling the threads from the Giants night game last year, but it would not have taken a whole lot to actually finish the job and do it right. It didn’t feel like a throwback to the 1960s or ’70s, seeing the Bills in white down here.

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Overall, we’ve been conservative in what we’ve done with our uniform and feel we’ve made it cutting edge with respect to the past and the tradition that are uniquely Arkansas. I think we have a clean, sharp uniform our fans are going to like and I know our student athletes love. It’s going to be great to run into Donald W.

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She was first hired by Ms. Reitz years ago. She might have been appointed by the Judge, but the fix was in from the get go.. Cafe Matisse is indeed romantic, both the bold decor and the food are inspired by the French impressionist. Then there’s the European garden located in a seductive hideaway in warm weather. Service is extraordinarily gracious and the restaurant somehow has retained the enviable electricity of the American ’80s culinary scene luxuriant, creative, experimental.

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Two were used by the government, and five housed American and British troops. The Goodge Street shelter became the Allied armed forces headquarters and leading up to D Day it was one of several sites for the US Army Signals Corps. It is also commonly believed that President Eisenhower used it as his command center, although some historians dispute this..

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Featuring the weekly forecasts of Yahoo Award Winning astrology Deborah Browning. Astrology news, site news. Publishing since 1996, we darn not miss sending it out too many will wirtie asking of it whereabouts. Critics of the sanctions argue that the ultimate US/EU objective is not to encourage pro market policies in Russia but to clip Russia’s economic future in a new Cold War. Meanwhile, sanctions have deepened stagnation in Europe, and reduced the impact of euro economies’ fiscal policies and the effectiveness of the ECB’s quantitative easing (QE). The repercussions are reflected in diminished global growth..

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Carissa Teeling started at est. As a food runner. The restaurant manager who hired me in 2004 had said that one day I would be in his shoes as restaurant manager, I wouldn have believed it was possible, she says. „We think Mike Hall does a great job in the studio and on the sidelines. His versatility allows us to give him a variety of assignments. seekjersey He hosted Big Ten Friday Night Tailgate in the fall, he continues to host Big Ten Tonight a couple nights per week and he has been our sideline reporter for selected basketball games this season.”.

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